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Anti Blue Ray Glasses a probably the most important pair of glasses than anyone can buy. They are indeed one of the best eye protectors

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Anti Blue Ray Glasses a probably the most important pair of glasses than anyone can buy. They are indeed one of the best eye protectors. This is because we spend a lot of hours each day staring at different screens. This has become part of the culture and we may not even give thought to it about its side effects. However, the lights that come from these different devices come with accompanying health problems for the eye. What happens is that the devices give off a short wavelength of blue light which is extremely harmful to the eyes and even affects sleep cycles.

Anti blue ray glasses were therefore made to fight back on the harmful light to the human eye. To stop people entirely from using their devices will be almost impossible therefore eyecare companies have developed anti-blue ray glasses to solve the problem. Blue light itself is a type of light that has a shorter wavelength as compared to the other colors of light. It, therefore, puts more strain on our eyes and reaches deeper into the eyes and can slowly affect the cells in the retina.

The fact is that, not all the blue lights emitted are bad for our eyes but the ones from LED and other electronic screens and LED lightbulbs are the harmful ones. The eye is not good at blocking these types of lights. That makes it dangerous because that means there is naturally no mechanism for the eye to block the light. Some of the symptoms of being exposed to blue light is when you feel your eyes are dry, strained or tired. In other cases, your eye may become red with occasions of headaches.

Blue light also affects the sleep cycle and can give your problems falling asleep. It reduces the production of melatonin ( the hormone that aids in sleep and the sleep rhythm. This is important because a lack of sleep affects mental and physical function during the day. Anti blue ray glasses, therefore, block the harmful rays from reaching the eye. It works on the contrast of the screen and makes things easier to see therefore you will not be straining your eyes. They are the best solution to blue light exposure. Upon using them for while you will see real changes when you use anti-blue ray glasses. You will be able to return to your screens in no time without a worry about your health.

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