Universal Heated Steering Wheel Cover


Choose the best and most comfortable steering wheel cover for your daily commute. Improve your driving experience in the cold seasons. Universal heated steering wheel cover for all car types. 

  • Lighter plug steering wheel cover
  • Universal fit
  • Special heating feature
  • Plush material type
  • 38 cm diameter
  • 100% brand new product
  • 50% Discount
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The universal heated steering wheel cover is made for all-wheel types. You must only find your wheel size and choose your preference of material used in making them. The universal heated steering wheel cover does not discriminate in terms of the brand of the car. The most important factor is to find the size the fits your wheel. It is made for all types of cars.

Brace yourself for the winter months! The best way to prepare for the icy cold season is to also prepare your vehicle. That is why there is a need for heated steering wheel covers. Nothing is more painful than getting into your car and grasping a steering wheel that is as cold as ever can be. Immediately, your hands will give a jerk reaction. No matter your kind of car, just measure the diameter of the steering wheel and you can get yourself a universal heated steering wheel cover. Equip yourself adequately for the coming cold months. Heated steering wheel covers are mostly battery charged or use the power source from the car’s cigarette lighter. It, therefore, slips easily on any standard steering wheel. The standard steering wheel diameters range from 14.5 to 15.5. The diameter is measured from the length of one end to the other.

Steering wheels that feel icy when held are not the best experience for any driver. Your palms can go numb from holding them unprotected. Thus, the heated steering wheel cover is your best aid. It gives you a break from the chilly weather and rewards you a break from the universal heated steering wheel cover. Warm-up your hands behind the wheel and make your rides comfortable despite the weather change. It is ideal for when you will be driving for long hours. What you need is the heated steering wheel to ease your palms and hands from chills. With the universal heated steering wheel, you will be protecting your steering wheel from wear and tear as well as battling out the winter and its effects on driving. Choose the best and most comfortable steering wheel cover. It is an unobtrusive gadget and is a good spend of your money when you get one.

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