Winter Heated Steering Wheel Cover


Winter heated steering wheel covers are the best for the icy winter months. Low voltage, high current wheel cover.

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  • Winter warming accessory
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Winter heated steering wheel cover types are made and used when the weather turns icy cold. Protect your hands from feeling extremely numb whilst driving. It is your best companion when the winter months hit. There is nothing more painful than getting into your car and meeting an ice-cold steering wheel. A stiff and cold steering wheel is not pleasurable to anyone. The winter heated steering wheel cover ensures that your hands are kept warm as you go about your daily duties. It comprises of a wheel cover and a cable that powers the heating process. You plug the cable into the cigarette lighting compartment of your car. It will take some seconds and then begin to heat.

Winter heated steering wheel covers give you a break from the super chilly weather. Warm your hands up behind the wheel. This is an effective product for anyone who drives around whether for a long or short period. It is fixed on the steering wheel and provides you with comfort when the cold hits. Heated steering wheel covers fit on all standard wheel sizes. It is designed in the shape of the steering wheel and thus takes its shape when fitted onto it. It kills two birds with one stone by serving as a cover for your steering when and warming your hands up from the cold.

Get yourself a winter heated steering wheel cover and add comfort to your drive times. Insist on the best and comfortable material for your car. When the steering wheel is heated, it can last for long. It heats up as you are on-the-go. The heat settings can be adjusted to suit you. It is unobtrusive to your driving and only there to aid in your comfort whilst driving. Come rain, come winter keep yourself moving with the winter heated steering wheel. These heated steering wheel covers are made to survive wear and tear. However, you must measure your wheel diameter correctly. The standard diameters of steering wheels range from 14.5 – 17.5. Install your heated steering wheel after finding your exact wheel size. Make your driving trips in the winter more comfortable.

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