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Mirrored lens John Lennon glasses are reflective and the best for outdoors. It’s a person’s best friend when you have to stay out in the sun for long hours. Purchase one and protect your eyes today. Look fashionable!

  • 60’s  vintage style eyewear
  • Retro steampunk style
  • Reflective mirror design
  • Mirror lens
  • 56mm lens width
  • Round style
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Mirrored lens John Lennon glasses are reflective and the best for outdoors. It has an optical coating or flash coating on the outside that makes the lens appear like small mirrors. The wearer’s vision becomes brown or grey. This mirrored coating decreases the tint in the lens and makes it suitable for sand, water, high altitudes, and snow. It is made in such a way that the mirror coat is independent of the tint. Its popularity has grown so much in the US that it is sometimes called “cop shades”.  Mirrored lens John Lennon glasses have become popular.  Also in the world of extreme sports, many people like it. Its mirror coating is built durable but sometimes the level of saltiness in water can affect this coating. Others have used metals such as chromium, nickel, titanium or alloys like nichrome, Inconel as layers for the thickness of the mirrored lens. Mirrored lens John Lennon glasses come in style to give you that retro but classy look.

Sunglasses with a mirror lens coat reflect light away from our eyes. They can be found in lenses that are prescribed and normal lenses. Somehow, people think it is counterproductive in how it is made, but rather it gives bright vision to those who wear them. The mirrored lens glasses reflect the light and don’t absorb it. There is, therefore, more brightness when wearing this fashion lens. It is good for those who stay out for long times because they do not strain their eyes.


Mirrored lens John Lennon glasses add functionality and protection to fashion. The mirror coat is durable for sunglasses today. They have better resistance to scratch and other coatings. Its durability makes active sportsmen have an affinity to it. Volleyballers, skiers, swimmers, boating adventurers all carry these mirrored lens glasses with them. For those who want anonymity, you can “hide” behind these mirrored glasses. It is like walking in disguise. It’s a person’s best friend when you do not want to be noticed. Mirrored lens glasses give more than 50% UV protection and make you avoid sunburn of the eye and damage the eye. There are different frame styles and colors with vibrant colors too. Purchase one and look fashionable in your John Lennon glasses.

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