Fashionable National Kimono Robe


Fashionable National Kimono Robe is smart and sexy wear, suitable for all occasions and an all-purpose clothing. It is suitable for all women and is a great gift idea. It comes at a cool 50% discount. Buy Now! 

  • Type: Kimono
  • Gender: Women
  • Sleeve Length(cm): Three Quarter
  • Material: SILK
  • Material: Satin, Polyester, Rayon
  • Color: Red, Black, Blue, Pink,
  • Size: One Size
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Fashionable National Kimono Robe fit users of all shapes and sizes because their length and width are specially made to fit all shapes, sizes, and heights. In using a robe, ladies first wear tabi (socks spread in between the large toe as well as the others), then wear hada-juban underwear as well as a naga-juban internal robe, holding them in place with a string around the midsection. The outer bathrobe is then put on, its size being changed with another string around the torso. Lastly, the belt is secured with a decorative knot. When going outside, a Fashionable National Kimono Robe is not worn with shoes, but with a set of zori or geta, two sorts of shoes with bands.

The robe is the conventional outfit of Japan. It comes as long sleeves and spreads from the shoulders all the way to one’s heels. Depending on the kind of event, a particular kimono is worn; robes for day-to-day wear are a great deal less complex than kimonos for all formal occasions. Fashionable National Kimono Robe a the pattern, as opposed to the cut of the garment, that is significant. Signs of social status, personal identity and also a social level of sensitivity are revealed via color and also decor. Only the elite regularly used extravagant kimono; most people would only have worn silk garments on unique events. The choice of obi and accessories, such as combs and also pins used in the hair, are likewise essential.

When choosing which kimono to wear, people think about the layouts and products that match the season as well as exactly how well it goes with the belt, which, when it comes to females’ formal clothes, is about 10 inches broad as well as is elaborately enhanced. Fashionable National Kimono Robe is made of silk, although other types of kimonos also come in cotton, woolen, and linen. In the summer, however, a unique kind of light, cotton kimono is worn when going to local celebrations and also fireworks display screens.

Fashionable National Kimono Robe is a nice-fitting silk bathrobe and gently wraps the body easily while producing a stunning V-style overlap for its collar. Its sash is able to cinch around the midsection while keeping the long and vertical stitches on the left. Put on these silk bathrobe at the start or end of a long day, make it on the leading checklist of your wardrobe and enjoy the beauty of Kimonos.

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Black, Blue, Pink, Red


One Size


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