Abacus Math Aids


Kids can explore new arithmetic skills with abacus math aids. Expose them to new learning every day with this math board. Interesting fun lessons. 

  • Plastic board for kids
  • Abacus counting math aid
  • Unisex arithmetic tool
  • Education kids abacus
  • Abacus for 3 years up
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Abacus Math Aids

Abacus math aids help kids have different means of picking up math skills today. With the advent of different toys that are used to teach kids math, kids are becoming quicker at picking up math tricks. The key is to make the lessons more interesting each time. Make it fun and exciting and kids will get it. An abacus method is a calculating tool that is believed to have been in existence since the 2700-2300 BC. Its uses have been for centuries. Merchants and traders, as well as clerks in ancient times somewhere in Asia and Africa, were using them for their daily transactions.  These math aids are a great tool that teaches kids arithmetic.

The beads are colorful to reinforce the fun and as the child touches the abacus boards. Its basic functions include teaching counting, subtraction, addition, and multiplication, division. In more advanced uses abacus math aids help you find square and cube roots. Each abacus contains a standard 100 beads and is suitable for kids 3 years and upwards. Kids love the abacus math aids texture and color. It can be gotten online or at your local shop.

To teach addition, for instance, treat all the bead as though they were a single unit. To add up, move 4 beads to the left. After, place your finger in between and add three more. You then remove your finger and let the child add the beads together and count. Repeating this over different periods and different figures will enable your child to pick up these math tricks fast. Apart from the figures, abacus math aids can be used to teach about money in the local currency.

Abacus math aids ensure that kids have numeracy knowledge. These math aids open up the kids learning to understand basic maths. This skill is important because math is part of everyday life and cannot be done away with. However, tutors and parents should remember that is a progressive subject and thus should not force every concept down the throat of the kids.

Create an atmosphere and calm and minimum distractions for the child before starting.

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