Glowing Horror Purge Mask


Enjoy anonymity in your lovable LED face mask. Glowing Horror Purge Mask are your best disguise aid. Get yours now and enjoy the freedom of going unnoticed.

  • Durable plastic made
  • Glowing safe wire
  • No harm to the human body
  • Different control modes ( steady, slow, fast, off)
  • Suitable for most people
  • Good breathing, comfortable made
  • Halloween party, dancing party, birthday party, costume party 
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Getting yourself a glowing horror purge mask is a step to have fun and being anonymous. Have the freedom of being anyone you want to be without being recognized. Halloween lovers are crazier about purge masks. Get incognito for the night in your glowing horror purge mask. It has the feature of glowing at night and is made with different designs that are lighted up when you wear it. Be it at Mardi Gras or Halloween in the city, these masks give you the avenue to have fun and not be discovered. Some dancers use it to create drama in their stagecraft. Join in with your friends and freely wear the glowing horror purge mask to your costume party or hit the club with them.

Create dramatic moments with stagecraft. Enhance your performance with these masks. From the 15th Century, people wore these costumes for their festive occasions. Opera houses also use them to enhance their performances. They use these purge masks extensively to entertain the audience. Purge masks have been in existence since the old carnivals at ancient Venice. Dress up for masquerades or even Halloween with your purge mask. Make your entrance more dramatic with a glowing horror purge mask. Bring some lights into your night or stage performance. Dancers, dramatists and other stage crafts employ the use of the likes of the glowing purge mask. Heighten the suspense and anonymity of yourself.  

The trend of purge masks started in the 15th Century where people were seen wearing costumes for festivities. Dances and plays employed the use of purge masks. Classic horror purge masks have lights included in their design. Sometimes with death or scary skeletal feature too. Purge masks originated from the hit movie “The Purge” which aired in the United States. Create your own experience being anonymous in this mask. Be it for festivities or to creating a party mood, purge masks can be your best companion. Enjoy the freedom to be anyone you want to be behind the glowing horror purge mask. Thrill and entertain yourself in this mask. Have the best experience with your purge mask.

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