Light Up Festival Purge Mask


Whether young or old, make your night radiant with the light up festival purge mask. Add a twist of drama to your life.

  • LED purge mask
  • Party game masks
  • Full face cover area
  • Suitable for Halloween / April Fool’s Day /  Cosplay Costumes / bar performance / night show
  • Size fit for adults
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Light up festival purge mask designs signify the many types of purge masks that we have today. It has caught on with the young and old. These masks light up and are used for different night events. A light up festival purge mask has become famous in recent times. You cannot help but notice them when they are displayed. It is associated with some form of terror and a scare. Purge masks have been associated with the Ku Klux Klan. They have been worn for different reasons. Conceal your identity and make yourself anonymous.  The mask looks creepy for some people and others want that anonymous look. Pop culture has this mask and a wide range of attires. Some people have felt intimidated by the presence. Some religious have adopted it for their own purposes.

Having a light up festival purge mask gives you a different variety of the purge mask. It is seen as a famous dress piece for parties, performances, Halloween or dance nights. Go incognito and be free to be whoever you want to be. Dance the night away with your mask. The light features have a switch where you can put on the LED lights. People are crazy about it for their various performances. Add a twist of drama to your event. Each one is uniquely made to cover the face completely. Choose it for your night events and choose this mask as your companion.

This purge mask is believed to have its roots from the middle ages where Christians observed the carnival season. This was just before lent. Carnival is a Latin word “Carne Vale” meaning “farewell to meat”. It was an opportunity for them to involve in all the food they want before the lent season started. They also wore it to their masquerade balls. Now, the likes of light up festival purge mask give radiance to your events. Light up your night with this purge mask. Be free to be whoever you want to be in your mask.  It is one thing that gives joy in modern times to party-goers. Hide in your mask and be a little mischievous.

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