Purge Mask Costume


Famous nightlife item for anyone today. Add a twist to your outlook on the purge mask. Create unforgettable moments outdoors.

  • The mask is made of premium PVC and El cold light wire which has adverse effects on the human body.The cold light will make sure you stand out of the crowd. 
  • Fun for all ages. The mask can be used on any occasions such as Halloween, Party, Rave Parties, Discos, Clubs, Birthdays, Masquerades, Mardi Gras, Rave Festivals, Costume Parties, Carnival, Gift, Festivals and Events.
  • The mask control has 4 modes,steady light,slow flash,fast flash,Off. You can adjust the mode you need by the control panel.T
  • he electroluminescent film is a kind of cold light source. It has no heat when working. The working temperature is lower than that of the fluorescent lamp.
  • No UV radiation, no adverse effects on the human body.
  • No inferior plastic smell, no pungent smell, so it’s completely safe, can be worn with peace of mind.
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Purge Mask Costume designs are made for creating fun. It is a cosplay item to mimic the movie The Purge: Election Year which was a hit action/horror movie in the United States. It made the purge mask costume a very popular item among many people today. It is now a famous franchise for those seeking to relive the horror moments just for the fun of it. Some people are curious and do wonder how these masks came into being. They have been linked to the horror. The rise of the past Ku Klux Klan is also remembered in pop culture for their white hood and robes.

A purge mask is your best fit if you want to have some fun with your friends and conceal your identity. Match it with a wide range of outfits. Become faceless for as long as you want. Wearers of purge mask costume wear them for different purposes. Even religious groups have also adopted it for their own purposes. Purge masks are infused with LED lights that are suitable for disco or club times out with friends. Young people are mostly the lovers of purge mask costumes. They accompany leather apparel or even normal clothes. These masks are now part of youth and pop culture and it is here to stay. Every group wears them to portray something.

On stage and for drama performances the purge mask as part of costume heightens the suspense. The cast is free to perform unnoticed. Stage acts with purge mask are sought-after. For parties, people also order purge mask costume sets. The nightlife comes alive with having a purge mask as part of your celebration. Make your events more memorable and mysterious with purge mask costumes today. It is made for fun and giving an extra dramatic effect on your performance and days out. Famous brands have made styles of purge masks. Have the time of your life with friends. Wear your purge mask costume and masquerade away. “Hide” behind the mask and be a little mischievous and carefree. Purge masks have also been sometimes used in traditions of worship and among different mob groups. Add a twist to your outlook in the purge mask. Create unforgettable moments outdoors.

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