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Genuine mean leather shoes are sleek. Portray your classic taste. Get your style on with this leather shoe. Wear it your way!

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Genuine men leather shoes are just an addition to the variety of leather shoes that have been produced till now. It is not clearly known when leather was used to make shoes. However, archaeologists have made different strides to find where the early existence of leather shoes originated from. The first kind of an attempt to use leather for shoes was in an Armenian cave in 2010. Its believed to have been created 5,500 years ago in the Bronz Age. It was made from cowhide with an inner lining made of grass. This discovery was after the famous mummy Otzi was discovered.

Another team also found people wearing shoes from the drawings of hunters found in a cave in Spain about 15,000 years ago. Other archaeologists also found the oldest pair of footwear in the form of sandals in Missouri, USA. They were made from plants and are around 8,300 years old. The likes of genuine men leather shoes attest to the fact that shoes have evolved into different designs.

In the past, shoes were made to protect your feet from injuries and were therefore made from basic leather as they got from animals. Now, genuine men leather shoes are influenced by the fashion trends of today. It shows the status of the wearer in these modern times. Throughout the times, leather has been a primary source of material that can be used for shoes. Leather is chosen for different reasons.

Firstly it can be sewn and treated to become waterproof without losing its breathable qualities. Its robust and better feet-protecting qualities has made it a premier material for all kinds of shoes. Its waterproof feature makes it an even more desirable material for shoemakers. It is chosen over the other types of processed materials whose quality may not hold as strongly as leather would. That accounts for the price differences between leather and non- leather shoes. There are different kinds of leathers that are used for making genuine men leather shoes.

Some include the suede types and vegetable tanned cowhide. They are processed and used for the different parts of shoes. The shoe industry is the largest consumer of leather. 14 billion pairs of leather shoes are made yearly. 11.5 of these come from Asian factories with China producing 8 billion out of 11.5. Europe out of this produces only 26 million pairs of leather shoes.

Different factors therefore influence the reason why more leather shoes are made. Genuine mean leather shoes are sleek. They portray a classic taste in those who purchase them. Get your style on with this leather shoe. Wear it your style, your way for your occasions.

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