Light Pink Ball Victorian Dress


Light pink ball Victorian dress is fit for all your themed programs, cocktails, proms and dinners. Show off your beauty in grand style!

  • Customized women dress
  • Lace design
  • Cotton, polyester, lycra material
  • Victorian model dress
  • Full sleeve length
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Light Pink Ball Victorian Dress is ideal for your balls and dinners. It’s colour and soothing and makes you look pretty.  Its light pink colour is feminine and very soft on the eyes. It gives you that notion of royalty and a princess look indeed wherever you wear it. With its lace designs carefully sewn onto them. It makes it a beautiful dress to behold. If you are a lover of pink dresses then the light pink ball Victorian dress is your option. It reflects the trends of old times mixed with the new. If you want to know how it feels to be in fabulous Victorian dresses, you only option is to have one in your own collection.

The light pink ball Victorian dress is short sleeved with lace used as a major part of the sleeve and  is therefore see through. It also had gold linings incorporated into the edges of the layers of the dress. This Victorian dress also comes with a hat with lace designs on them making it even more beautiful when combined with the dress. Pink and white is definitely a colour to die for in the combination of this Victorian dress. Its sizes range from small to 3xl making is available for people of different sizes. Stun your admirers with this classy light pink ball Victorian dress. You will definitely turn heads at your events when you wear. Give it as a gift to a loved one and they will be completely blown away.

To get the perfect fit of your Victorian dress, it is advised to take some pre-measurements at home before hitting the store. This prevents you from getting ones that are either tight fit or oversize. Get that extra touch of a slim look that this Victorian dress provides. Comfort and beauty makes wearing the light pink Victorian dress fun. Do you have a role in a play? Or do you have an important high society dinner? This fashion style is definitely a good choice for your events. Show off your new fashion with a sense of recognition for fashion in the past years with this Victorian dress.

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