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Quality designed simple belle victorian dress. Shop from our collection of victorian dresses and reflect the new you. 

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A simple belle victorian dress does the magic for you at your events. It reflects current trends mixed with the past ages to give you that classic look. You can wear this Victorian dress to your special costume or themed parties, cocktails and galas. Owning one means you are not out of touch with the old trends that have come before what we have now. Simple belle Victorian dress gives you the option of choosing a beautiful and well-designed dress. With its charming embroideries carefully designed in them, they are a sight to behold. Victorian dresses get their roots from the famous British queen Victoria. She was key in the spread of fashion around England up until the 1890’s. Now, women have a wide range of Victorian dresses to choose from. Wearing a Victorian dress now means you identify with the renowned ages past that existed.

Simple belle Victorian dresses have beautiful designs and wide enough space in the hollow to flow dimension to make you move freely. To get the exact fit for your simple belle Victorian dress, you have to measure the bust, waist, hips as well as the armhole. It is advised to wear a bra when measuring yourself at the bust area for a Victorian dress so that you can get the accurate size. Relax your arm at the side and pull the tape to the full area of the bust. To measure your hips extend the tapes across the hipbones to find the correct hip size for your dress. Measure your armhole well to also ensure that the sleeve of the dress will be comfortable for you. With careful measurements, you will find your perfect fit.

The designs for this belle Victorian dress includes a firm lacing at the back ensures that you bust area and your waist are held firm in the dress. This gives you that silhouetted and slim look. Fashionable Victorian clothing is what every woman wants. The compliments of a good look is flattering and the likes of wearing a simple belle Victorian dress does just that. Get your decorated and colourful Victorian outfit from our store and you will not regret making that decision. Victorian fashion can never be forgotten completely. It forms part of many women’s fashion event till today.

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