Double Action Water Gun


Multiply the fun for your kid’s summer times with this memorable water gun. Double action water gun games are twice the fun for kids. Keep them happy and occupied during school breaks

  • Beachside water toy gun
  • Kids essential toys 
  • Unisex water gun
  • Super soaker
  • Age range: 3 years and above
  • 45 cm length
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A double action water gun is just double the action. Multiply the fun for your kid’s summer and poolside times with this memorable water gun. Kids just like to spend time outdoors during the summer seasons. Whether it is a family camping or outdoor event, the water gun never disappoints. Maximum fun is guaranteed with your double action water gun. Water guns are made to bring fun and spice up your day. Both kids and adults can splash away. Fill the water compartment or tanks with water and pull the trigger and you are in the game! Water guns are for a heightened outdoor experience. It is made with plastic mainly because that is harmless to kids and is much lighter. Water guns are made for you to experience the best times. Imagine battling against your mum or dad and even some of your other siblings. This will be an unforgettable time spent. Pull the trigger and splash away. Keep your kids occupied whilst teaching them lessons on teamwork and tactics. You may never know what some water gun games can prepare them for in the future. Double action water gun games are twice the fun for kids. Keep them happy and occupied during school breaks.

Most water guns are safe, fun and practical to use. Water gun fights do not always have to be planned. A spontaneous water fight works well as compared to a planned one. Surprise your opponent with a good dose of water shots from your zone. Spontaneity makes things fun always and that is what kids look out for. They like to be in control of things thus giving them a water gun to them will mean to them controlling the whole world almost. It is a big deal for them and the double action water gun with its make will afford them that opportunity. To successfully win a water gun war you should be first aware of your environment and the possible tricks of your opponent.    

You can also plan the tactic of ambushing your opponent. Look for a comfortable unsuspecting place to hide and lie in wait for them to pass by. Surprise them with a sudden burst of water and watch them cower and shout for cover. Kids playing with water guns never forget their experiences. Give them memories that they can always turn back to.

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