Stainless Steel Yin Yang Necklace


Lasting jewelry comes from stainless steel use. Get your stainless steel yin yang necklace today! Purchasing a stainless steel yin yang necklace will be far from a bad choice.

  • High polished necklace
  • 100% Stainless steel made
  • Yin yang symbol charm
  • Fashion style necklace
  • Metal material
  • Classic style
  • Customized necklace
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A stainless steel yin yang necklace is marked to last long. This durably made necklace is set to be kept for ages. Unlike the other materials that may fade fast, stainless steel stands strong as one of the metals in jewelry. Stainless steel contains 10% of a material known as chromium. This depends on the grade of the stainless steel being uses. Some stainless steel has a concentration of different materials including nickel, molybdenum, titanium and other materials. The percentage of chromium should be significant because it combines with oxygen which forms a thin invisible layer. This makes the steel stainless and resists corrosion.

The stainless steel yin yang necklace, therefore, has these qualities. Stainless does not mean “stainless”. It refers to the fact that the metal is extremely corrosion resistant. There are two grades of stainless steel offered. The type 304 (chromium-nickel) and the 316L ( 2-3% molybdenum ). The latter can withstand corrosion more. The benefit of this is that you have more long wear of your jewelry and strong designs that last. Stainless steel has excellent integrity. Since they are durable it will take a lot of effort before they can bend or break. As a piece of jewelry, it resists rust, oxidation, and discoloring. This corrosion-resistant material works best for long-lasting jewelry designs like yin yang necklaces. Its unplated nature makes is non-fade and chipping. Stainless steel is best for those living in high humidity locations as the metal will take later to rust than other metals.

Much stainless steel jewelry are an excellent choice for those with allergies and sensitivity to metals like copper and brass. For designers of yin yang necklaces also, because it comes into close contact with the skin stainless steel proves as one of the best materials to use. Those with allergies can still use them. Lasting jewelry comes from stainless steel use. Purchasing a stainless steel yin yang necklace will be far from a bad choice. Its durability ensures that it doesn’t wear and tear in a short while.

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